What Folks Are Saying About NOT THAT JEWISH

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Great, funny, heartwarming, intelligent…I haven’t laughed so hard in a very long time.

Michael J. Levy

This was a fabulous ride I’d go on again and again! I laughed – I was moved and my face hurts from smiling! A tapestry of life – Jewish or not – I defy anyone not to love it! Non-stop laughter – Piper hits it out of the park!

Deborah Pearl

Hysterical and moving …a gem. So human!

Monique Levy

Unbelievably great – funny, tender, moving. The kind of well-crafted brilliant comedy you just don’t see anymore, except you can, in “Not That Jewish.” As a New York Jew, I give the show my 5-Star of David highest rating.

Andrew Morse

I loved it, related to it, longed for more! I’ve been running from my roots for my whole life & it felt like G*d kicked my ass back to the Truth. Here’s to having & celebrating a Jewish Heart.

Susan Hayden

Fabulous! Haven’t laughed that hard in way too long. Took my 82 year old mom and 23 year old daughter and we were all equally hysterical and moved. Go see it!

Janet Keller Green


OMG if you want to laugh and if you want to be touched, run to see NOT THAT JEWISH.

Lynda Levy

I’ve always had a Jewish mother, but after seeing Monica’s show I finally know what it really means to be Jewish – but even more than that, I know what it means to be funny. And poignant. And perceptive. And, ultimately, human.

Ben Hellwarth

Made my husband and his 98 year old mother laugh and laugh. Wonderful, smart, poignant! Bravo!

Lisa Rosenbaum

Hi Guys,
Have I got a treat to tell you about!
It’s comedian Monica Piper doing her shtick in a new autobiographical lalapalooza called “Not That Jewish,” and it will make you laugh until you fall off your chair. Even if you’re NOT Jewish!

Would I lie?

Cynthia at cynthiacitron.com

This was one of the funniest and poignant shows I have seen. It actually hurt from laughing so much. Monica Piper touches all of us with her path through her life and our individual lives as well. I urge you to see it.

Denyse C. Selesnick

Moving and hilarious! A brilliant comic journey that achieves universal relevance through its specificity. A vulnerable, richly layered story that makes you laugh until you cry, then laugh again!

Jessica Carleton

I’d heard it was great, figured it was probably really good, and turned out it was in fact just as great as everyone said. Night I saw it the audience was mixed — men and women, old and young, Jewish and non. Everyone seemed to love it. As in everyone. Go! Lucky for you it’s being extended. But not forever.

Kate Zentall

While I have been a fan of Monica Piper’s stand-up and story-telling gifts for over a decade, I was truly knocked out by her new show, NOT THAT JEWISH. Monica brings to life her very funny and feisty parents, extended family, and the world that nurtured her. There’s not a wasted minute – her timing and delivery are impeccable. I would rank this show right up there with Billy Crystal’s 700 Sunday’s. This is a show for everyone – you don’t even need to be THAT JEWISH to love it!


After the show, I asked for a refund – my stomach hurt from laughing so hard!  And my make-up was all off!

Adrienne Fayne